Our Edge


Excel prides itself on being a “new generation.” There are many aspects of our business that make us a “new generation” outsourced processing company. However, the most significant is our client centric approach to outsourcing – Client Comfort, Client Expectations and Client Needs.

Our Vision

To provide online outsourcing to businesses everywhere.

Excel deploys the simplest of processes, top of the line technology and the best in class professionals to make its vision a reality.

We start by understanding your process or identifying a process in your business that has the potential to be outsourced. Then we study the various dynamics and calculate its feasibility and workability to ensure mutually beneficial relationship between Excel and it’s client.

Last but not the least we transition the process to the outsourced location, run a pilot and finally roll out while continually improving people , processes and technology to deliver the best.

Our Mission

To make online outsourcing reliable, dependable, accessible, understandable, valuable, affordable, marketable and profitable We strive to make outsourcing simple for our users and believe that after gaining sufficient expertise in your business process we will re-engineer your process to make it simpler and easy.

We also go to great lengths to mould it into a productized service, developing various tools and automated systems to make the process more productive and efficient.