Data Conversion

Our Data Extraction and Conversion services are completely customized around the requirements specific to your needs. Our Team Leaders and Account Managers with their extensive experience in data processing assignments work out a comprehensive project plan that meets your timeline and quality expectations.

Excel offers specialized Data Extraction and Conversion services. Our expert agents can quickly scan through hand written, printed or digital content and extract the meaningful data. We also input this data in required digital format. Our data extraction service includes not only capturing numbers and text (OCR or manual extraction) but also involves fetching meaningful parts from rich media formats (images, audio and video).

Data digitization has its own advantages as it reduces your storage requirement, is easy to retrieve and can be made available from anywhere in the world. We offer Data Conversion services which involve converting hand written, printed or digital content. Our team can help you digitize handwritten or printed content. We can also convert content from one digital format to another.

– PDF conversion
– MS Excel, CSV conversion
– MS Word, RTF conversion
– Image format conversion
– Audio format conversion

Why Choose Us:
Customer Support and Account Management:

Excel offers phone and ticket (web) based customer support. We ensure that all your concerns are attended to within one business day. Our strong account management and customer support team ensures your complete satisfaction. In rare instances, where you feel that your team leader is unable to understand your concerns, we have pre-defined escalations procedures in place that allow you to get the Account Manager and the senior management involved.

Emphasis on Time and Quality:

Our ultimate reward is being recognized as a dependable partner. At Excel, we value your time and strive hard to meet all preset timelines. We also ensure that we deliver at least the same quality that you would expect from your own staff.

Data Confidentiality:

Apart from putting together a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with each of our customers, we also have various processes in place (for access to our workplaces and movement of physical and electronic data/information) at our facilities that ensures complete data protection.