Data Processing


In this digital age your business is dependent on computers. Computers understand nothing but data. To get any business intelligence, meaningful data is the basic ingredient. Excel helps you get a step closer to utilizing full potential of business software.

Excel, with, over 60 man years of senior management experience in offshore outsourcing industry, strict quality checks and proven track record, is committed provide you with best outsourcing experience.


Data Formatting

Data Cleansing, Data Enrichment Our Data Cleansing and Formatting solution helps you clean up the database which would make it usable, meaningful and cost effective. We have skilled personnel with extensive experience in data processing assignments. Our team insures high accuracy and quick turnaround. When data is collected from multiple sources, this database will often have multiple, duplicate or incomplete records. Data cleansing involves removing corrupt, duplicated, unwanted records or information from a database and fixing the inconsistencies. A typical Data Cleansing assignment would involve: – Checking for inaccurate records or data – Checking for duplicate records – Checking for typos or spelling errors – Checking for obsolete records or data – Checking for incomplete records or data Our Data Formatting services organizes your content in a way you want to have it. Just provide us with the raw data in any format (hand written, printed or digitized) and our experienced data processing team will put it together in the format you want. Why Choose Us: Customer Support and Account Management: Excel offers phone and ticket (web) based customer support. We ensure that all your concerns are attended to within one business day. Our strong account management and customer support team ensures your complete satisfaction. In rare instances, where you feel that your team leader with all the process in making it by san diego landscaping is unable to understand your concerns, we have pre-defined escalations procedures in place that allow you to get the Account Manager and the senior management involved. Emphasis on Time and Quality: Our ultimate reward is being recognized as a dependable partner. At Excel, we value your time and strive hard to meet all preset timelines. We also ensure that we deliver at least the same quality that you would expect from your own staff. Data Confidentiality: Apart from putting together a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with each of our customers, we also have various processes in place (for access to our workplaces and movement of physical and electronic data/information) at our facilities that ensures complete data protection.

Data Conversion

OCR, Data Conversion, Digitization

Data Mining

Web Content Mining, Data Collection, Data Extraction

Data Entry

Online and Offline Data Entry